AETHER’S patented ultrafilter technology effectively retains particulate as small as 5 nm.

All filtration occurs in the first stage of the filter while the second stage serves as a redundant safety filter.


The water permeability of the Aether membrane is
more than double that of membranes with comparable pore size, thus providing superior flow performance relative to the physical size of the filter.

Removes bacteria, viruses, legionella, endotoxins and other contaminants greater than 5 nm.


UF is also used in many industries to separate suspended solids from solution.


Industrial applications include power generation, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, & semiconductor manufacturing.


•Filters out particulate as small as 5 nm

•Meets and exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO    11663:2009 standards.

•Minimal flow disruption.

•Has a Bacteria Rentention of >10  (B.diminuta)

•Has a Virus Retention of >10 (PhiX-174)

•Has an Endotoxin Retention of >10 EU/ml

•Technology has FDA 510(k) clearance.

•Meets ASTM F838-05 International

Food Service

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