Aether water filter technology

AETHER™ Water Systems Technology powered by BIOCON® utilizes a unique and proprietary media that truly is a first in the water filtration industry.

Our filters do not channel or cause pressure drop like other filters in the marketplace.

The system will also ensure your sanitary compliance with federal, state and local regulatory health authorities. BIOCON®’s goal is to develop our products and technology to deliver superior results.

Our technology is an integrated system that effectively controls your water issues from the retention tray to the effluent water.


  • Patented Technology

  • Foam Technology/No Channeling

  • Bacteria Control

  • Scale Inhibitor

  • Reduce Chlorine/ChloraminesOdor

  • Flow Rate 5 and 10 GPM

  • NSF and WQA Certified Components

  • Technology Gold Seal For Bacteria Control

  • No Polyphosphates