Aether's exceptional manufacturing capabilities enables quick and

effective response to special manufacturing requirements,

from custom carbon block filter orders to complete water filtration


Aether manufacturing and assembly facilities provide highly agile capabilities that can adapt to changes in customer demand while also producing customized products.

Aether Manufacturing facilities offer:

• Custom manufacturing capability
• R&D laboratory

• In-house tools for testing and production

• Proprietary filtration design

• Engineering products for water systems

• Design and prototype production development

• 3D rapid prototypes

• Project engineering

• New product development

Aether custom-designs filter products to meet customers’ specific performance. Aether filters are designed to pass many of NSF International’s most stringent testing standards.

We have the necessary tools and equipment needed for any water filter design or application, call us for more information.



OEMs must rely on their supplier’s ability to drive down the cost of production and need a full service design and manufacturing service

that is focused on efficiency and delivery.

As an ODM supplier, our customers benefit from having only one

company through design, development and production, providing a

faster, more flexible, better quality solution resulting in a lower total

cost of ownership over traditional OEM suppliers.

AETHER specializes in design and manufacture of water filtration 

systems and replacement cartridges. AETHER OEM and ODM services cover the complete spectrum of the product lifecycle from concept to design and manufacturing. Our mechanical and engineering expertise provide an end to end turnkey solution for companies seeking full

product development and manufacturing services from a single source

resulting in time savings and cost optimization.


We count our in-house research and development (R&D) division as

one of our core competencies. we are constantly working on new

solutions and patents.

As a manufacturer of water filtration products, we can implement

almost any type of filtration technology.


Continuous quality controls at all stages of manufacturing and tests guarantee products that meet the specific requirements of the

customers while of course complying with certifications. 


The close cooperation with our in-house quality management and regulatory affairs divisions enables anticipatory development, production and marketing authorization of new filtration technologies that satisfy not only customer requirements but also any legal regulations.