AETHER™ Water Systems offers a variety of products for different markets and applications.

Our filtration units powered by Biocon, deliver the highest standards on water filtration, scale removal, bacteria prevention and all water related issues.

Aether Carbon Block filters are manufactured on-site.


Raw materials are purchased and processed and then tested to ensure quality control.

The processed materials are then delivered to the appropriate area of the facility for use in overall manufacturing.

Some components and processed elements are delivered to the appropriate assembly line for final processing while other components and processed elements are similarly handled from raw material to finished product.

Carbon Block extrusion utilizes a mixture of materials and relies on a continuous forming process in which the material is conveyed by a screw-type auger and either heated in transit within the screw or heated in an external die. Several patented processes currently are in use to manufacture extruded products. After heating and forming, the material is cooled in a die and exits the process as one continuous cylinder of material. The extruded product then is cut to length and packaged or assembled into filter cartridge.

By processing raw materials in-house, Aether Water Systems is able to maintain constant control which helps ensure highest quality.

Our engineers develop, produce, and test new components, concepts and working models for customers that require a customized product to fit their needs.
Our lab is indispensable in the development of new carbon block filters. 

Aether manufacturing process is extremely consistent and efficient.

Thanks to our carbon block manufacturing equipment we are able to offer a versatile line of carbon block products that are both highly effective and low cost.


Aether Carbon Blocks can be configured to address a combination of conditions from the traditional taste and odor concerns to cysts, lead, scaling and other conditions. 

Our patented state of the art technology helps eliminate all water related contaminants in the foodservice/beverage industry, military, hotel and casino industries as well as hospital and medical industries.

Our portfolio of products helps us develop to deliver technology not generally available to the commercial market. This enables us to provide a wide range of bandwidth for our end users, utilizing patented technology for water treatment of biofilm, scale, virus, legionella, bacteria and all water related issues.