Aether customized carbon block cartridges offers added flexibility in housing design. Because water conditions vary so widely, it is easier to adapt a custom filter to the environment in which it is intended to be used.


Aether custom carbon block can be optimized for specific performance and contaminant reduction objectives. This option also allows more options in raw material selection, giving the buyer greater control in balancing cost and performance.


Custom carbon blocks also can provide the water filtration system manufacturer with greater control of the overall design of the finished product and the associated revenue stream coming from replacement filters. Most importantly, a custom design and private labeling grants exclusivity to the follow on replacement filter business.


Choosing a Custom Carbon Block Supplier When sourcing a custom carbon block product, the buyer needs to consider several factors.

The buyer should consider if the carbon block manufacturer has the knowledge and experience in the industry to help guide the design of the product.

Aether customized carbon block cartridges offers added flexibility in Also, is the manufacturing process utilized by the supplier the best fit for the buyer’s needs? Considerations valid for any buyer/supplier relationship are whether the supplier has a strong reputation in the industry and if the supplier is financially stable. A prospective custom carbon block buyer should look for a manufacturing partner that offers flexibility in the design process, rapid prototyping capabilities, and consistent quality control processes.

A strong supplier will have highly scalable manufacturing capacity to meet wide ranging production requirements. If the final product is intended to be tested and certified to NSF/ANSI standards, the buyer should choose a partner with experience in navigating the often tedious process of obtaining product certification.


Finally, the buyer should select a manufacturing partner that is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of the buyer throughout the business relationship, from design to final certification and beyond.