THE AC2-SCBBCSC-90 system utilizes patented technology to control and reduce the hard-scale mineral deposits, bacteria growth, slime buildup, chlorine, taste, odor, rust and dissolved solids .

Poor water quality allows scale deposits to form and increases the potential for corrosion. This can cost foodservice operators a lot of money in maintenance and repairs.

​Hard scale water can significantly increase your capital costs relating to food service equipment. Valves, tanks, R/O membranes and all water related components and parts will be effected. Iron/ bacteria/ and sulfur will also have an extreme and adverse effect on equipment.

The AC2-SCBBCSC-90 High Flow system can be utilized for Ice machines, Coffee brewers, Tea Brewers, Breweries, Drinking water, Soda fountain, and more.

Aether patented technology protects your equipment from constant and expensive repairs.

System Dimensions:


Hi-Flow 4 Stage 22.25”H x 26.38”W x 5.25” D


Sediment Block - part # AWSS14

Carbon Block - part # AWS14561

Bacteria Control - part # ASBCFC30

Scale Control - part # AGSHC60


----------Scale Control

Aether Filtration Type:

----------Bacteria Control

----------Carbon Block

----------Sediment Block