The AETHER™ AC2-QC-SCS20 Specialty Tea Cartridge System provides a simple, cost effective solution to water filtration.


AETHER™ AC@-QC-SCS20 Specialty Tea system utilize our Patented Technology for reduction and control of Bacteria, Scale, Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Minerals and Odor.


Not all filters are the same. We have designed our filters for each specific application in the foodservice beverage industry.

This system will assist with keeping Tea dispensing nozzles free and clear of bacteria and buildup while saving space.


•No channeling, minimal pressure drop,  

•WQA Gold Seal certified for bacteria control

•Controls bacteria growth

•Reduces chlorine taste and odor

•Reduces heavy minerals

•No polyphosphates  

Phosphate filters will add an off taste to tea/coffee products. It will also contribute to white ice and cause curdling of creamers in tea and coffee.

•Reduces your capital costs relating to maintenance and repair and extends the life of your equipment



Quick Connect Single 19”H x 4.25”W x 4.5” D


Specilaty Tea Cartridge - part # BCS-TFC20


---------Scale Control

   ------Bacteria Control

     ----Carbon Block

Aether Filtration Type: