THE AWS-MH002-ICE system utilizes patented technology to control and reduce the hard-scale mineral deposits, and all related scale issues with ice machines.

When scale builds up on the evaporator cylinder, it insulates the freezing surface. This prevents heat transfer, causing the ice to come out of the extruding head wet. This can put extra stress on the gear motor from rotating the auger for extrusion.


This not only can make a lot of noise, but it can also cause the motor to wear prematurely.

Aether patented Scale Control technology protects your equipment from hard scale and mineral buildup.

The AWS-MH002-ICE also reduces chlorine, odor and taste from water for a great tasting and clear ice.



Hi-Flow Double 22.25”H x 14.25”W x 5.25” D


Carbon Block - part # AWS14561

Scale Control - part # AGSHC30

Commercial Ice machines


------------Scale Media


     -------Carbon Block

Aether Filtration Type: