Aether customized carbon block cartridges offers added flexibility in housing design.


Our engineers develop, produce, and test new components, concepts and working models.


In addition to its many applications, activated carbon is efficient and cost effective

Aether Carbon Block Filtration & Customization.


AETHER Carbon Block Technology filter tastes, odors and contaminants from water.

Aether Carbon Block filters go beyond the aesthetic improvement of water by reducing particulates, microscopic cysts, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and other contaminants.


Aether Activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been processed to increase the porosity of the individual granules,
resulting in a large surface area available for adsorption.

Aether Carbon Block relative low cost make it an excellent media suitable for a broad range of applications.

Aether Carbon block is mainly comprised of activated carbon granules and a binding agent that allows the carbon granules to maintain a static position relative to each other.

Aether Carbon block immobilizes carbon particles to promote uniformity of performance, stopping water from channeling


The water is forced to flow through the carbon block’s static pores.The uniform pore structure of carbon block also increases the contact time with the filter media, further increasing the block’s ability to remove contaminants.

How do Aether Carbon Blocks work?

Aether Carbon Block filters employ three processes to remove or reduce contaminants from drinking water.

1. Electrokinetic adsorption.

As water passes through the pre-filter, which acquires a positive molecular charge attracting the negative ions of certain pollutants, many contaminants are electrokinetically adsorbed.

2. Mechanical filtration.

Mechanical filtration works like a sieve, where particulates with a larger physical size than the pores of the filter are strained out. Carbon blocks can mechanically filter particles as small as one-half micron (submicron).

3. Physical adsorption.

This is the process by which the carbon itself attracts pollutants. Activated carbon particles have a very large surface area to attract and hold pollutants. Specially formulated binders used in compressed carbon blocks can avoid masking the surface of the carbon, thereby optimizing its ability to reduce levels of pollutants.


Aether Carbon Block is a better choice in water filtration applications because it is highly effective in removing contaminants, its low relative cost, compact size, use of renewable resources, small form factor, and resistance to bacteria growth.


Aether Carbon block can be formed into a

cartridge of predetermined dimensions.