Mineral deposits such as limescale create major problems for foodservice operators with Ice, Breweries, Wineries, Coffee, Espresso, Steam and Washing Equipment. Mineral scale can reduce energy transfer and efficiency loss, resulting in increased energy demands for cooling or heating, and increased operating costs. 

AETHER® scale control filters and systems will effectively control and treat hard scale build up in Ice machines, fountain beverage systems, beverage combination systems, coffee, tea, espresso machines and all water related food service applications. Your food service equipment will run efficiently and keep ice machine evaporator plates, components, valves, distributor tubes clean and provide minimal maintenance. 


Our purification media is a very strong adsorbent for many Heavy Metals, Fluoride, Bacteria and Viruses that will not release the chemical bonds formed in the purification process. This media has been tested at high and low concentrations, a full range of PH levels and both high and low flow rates.


All tests have shown that Aether is a more efficient filtration media for Both Arsenic III & V and for Fluoride than the available competing technologies.


Aether unique reticulated delivery system allows this amazing media to perform in small gravity flow situations and in high pressure fast flow situations.